1. The present regulations determine rules for submitting short puppet film projects for pitching (hereinafter referred to as “Pitching”), which will take place as part of an industry event, ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum (hereinafter referred to as ANIMARKT) in Łódź.
  2. The event is organised by MOMAKIN Paulina Zacharek, Narutowicza 34/303, 90-135 Łódź, NIP [Tax ID No]: 726-257-08-60, REGON [Company Registration No]: 361418530.
  3. ANIMARKT will take place on 8-12 October 2019 in Łódź.
  4. Rules for submitting projects are shared for free with every Participant on the website: in a way which allows for downloading, saving and printing of the Regulations.



  1. The purpose of submitting an application for the project is to participate in Pitching, during which selected projects will receive support for the realization of short puppet films.



  1. The submitted project must meet the following conditions:
  2. film duration: up to 30 minutes;
  3. 80% of the film is a puppet animation;
  4. the film must be at the development stage with at least the first draft of the script.
  5. An additional asset of the project will be the artistic input of the creators (animation director, storyboard author, author of artistic designs, composer, realization of a significant part of the animation) from at least one of the following countries: Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia.
  6. The application must include the following information:
    1. title of the film,
    2. information concerning the director and the producer (up to 300 characters each),
    3. short description of the film (up to 300 characters),
    4. script (at least the first draft) or treatment -if submitting with the treatment, in case the project will be selected the applicant will be asked to deliver the script by 20th od August,
    5. artistic projects,
    6. estimated budget of the production,
    7. photos of director and producer,
    8. stills or concept arts,
    9. list of already solicited partners and the gathered financing sources,
    10. depending on the stage of the project advancement: storyboard, video fragments, teaser.



  1. Projects can be submitted by a natural or legal person, as well as organisational units which do not have legal existence, yet who are given legal capacity by the law (e.g. registered partnership, limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the PARTICIPANT).



  1. PARTICIPANT fills in the application form, the content of which has been determined in § 3 clause 3 of this Regulations. The completed application form is the description of the project being submitted. The application form is available at:
  2. The moment the application form is sent, the Participant grants the Organiser free of charge, worldwide without any time or usage limitations consent for the dissemination of content and materials contained in the application form on all fields of use enumerated in the provision of the article 50 of The Copyright and Related Rights Act of 4 February 1994 (Journal of Laws of 2006 No. 90, item 631, as amended) in order to present and promote the project.
  3. Upon sending the application, the Participant declares that:
    1. he or she has the permissions or consents required by the provisions of the law for the content and materials included in the application form to be made public and disseminated based on the consents granted by the Participant on the basis of other provisions of the Regulations and this will not infringe upon the rights of any third parties;
    2. he or she expresses his/her consent for the content and materials included in the application to be marked by the Organiser with a name and surname/pseudonym.
  4. Regardless of the consequence resulting from a breach of the generally applicable law, the Organiser regards it unacceptable to submit applications:
    1. popularizing pornographic content;
    2. promoting one’s own commercial and advertising activity;
    3. infringing upon the Polish or international law, good practices or moral standards, offending dignity or infringing upon personal rights of other persons, supporting radical social attitudes or expressing such beliefs (all types of racial, ethnic, gender, religious discrimination, etc.);
    4. infringing upon copyrights and/or related rights of third parties.



  1. Applications are to be submitted by an online application form at: until 4 August 2019.
  2. From all the applications being sent, the selection committee will choose 15 projects which will be presented on 11 October 2019 as part of Pitching during the ANIMARKT event.
  3. Participants, whose projects have been selected, include complete data and do not infringe upon these Regulations, will receive an invitation for the ANIMARKT event until 20 August 2019 .
  4. The person responsible for presentation of the project shall be provided with a hotel accommodation for one person (max. 5 nights) and a reimbursement of 80% of travel costs for one person (up to EUR 100). The transport cost shall be reimbursed against a ticket/tickets and reimbursement form send within 30 days from the date of ANIMARKT to the address of the Organiser. The reimbursement shall take place within 30 days from the date the aforementioned documents has been submitted.
  5. Among the projects presented during the ANIMARKT event, the Pitching’s jury shall select winners. Information concerning the awarded projects shall be announced on 12 October 2019 during the Closing Gala.
  6. The prize in the contest is the Audiovisual Technology Center contribution in kind in the amount of: 60 000 PLN, 40 000 PLN and additional awards.



  1. Complaints shall be considered under these Regulations.
  2. Complaints shall be null and void unless submitted in a written form to the address of the Organiser: MOMAKIN Paulina Zacharek, Narutowicza 34/303, 90-135, Łódź Complaints must be submitted within 7 calendar days (as evidenced by the date of postmark) from the date of the end of the event.
  3. Complaints shall be considered by the Committee within 14 working days (as evidenced by the date of postmark) from the date the complaint has been received.
  4. Delayed complaints (submitted after the deadline indicated in clause 2 above) or not including the sender’s return address shall not be considered.


  1. Personal data of the Participants shall be processed according to the act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws 2014, item 1182) and the act of 18 July 2002 on providing services by electronic means (Journal of Laws 2013, item 1422).
  2. The controller of the Participants’ personal data is MOMAKIN Paulina Zacharek. The purpose of gathering the personal data is to organise ANIMARKT and conduct any possible complaint handling procedure.
  3. The fact that an application has been submitted means that the Participant has read and understood the Regulations and accepted its content and that he or she consents to have their personal data such as name, surname and pseudonym processed by the Organiser.
  4. Each Participant has the right to access and correct his or her personal data. Providing personal information is voluntary, yet a failure to do so may result in rejection of the application.
  5. The organiser reserves the right to make the information contained therein public in the mass media, such as: Internet, TV, together with the information of the Participants, i.e. name, surname or pseudonym. The participants are not entitled to a separate remuneration in this respect.


  1. The regulations enters into force as of 5 June 2019.
  2. To all matters not settled herein the provisions of the Polish law shall apply.
  3. All disputes shall be settled by Polish common courts of relevant jurisdiction.